Specialist of Boiler in Palm Oil Mill Industry


ADVANCE NLK ENGINEERING SDN BHD was establised in 2007. We specialize in providing services and consultancy for the Boiler in Palm Oil Mill Industry. Our main focus is on boilers and steam related systems used in the Palm Oil Mill Industry.

About us

Our Aims

Continue delivering high-quality services and products to meet the needs of the Palm Oil Mill Industry and contribute to its growth.

Our Clients

We are widely presense and serve globally. Our clients are located in East and West Malaysia, Indonesia, Central Africa, Central and South America, Papua New Guinea, and other places.

Our Services

Provide full range service on Boiler.

Our Experiences

We have beed establised for over 20 Years.

Professional Services

Provide services and consultancy for the Boiler in Palm Oil Mill Industry.

Boiler Instrumentation & Fine Tuning Work

Provide service, instruments and equipments on Boiler related control system such as combustion control system, Feedwater Control System, Parameters Monitoring System

Troubleshoot Boiler Issues

Trousbleshoot and Solve any kind of Boiler issues

Steam Related Control Systems

Our expertise lies in designing and installing control systems like Steam Make Up Control System and Sterilizer Control System to ensure efficient operation of boilers.

Supply Boiler Spare Parts

We also supply various types of Boiler Spare Parts, such as Boiler Casting Products, Boiler Instruments, Control Valves, and Feedwater Pumps. We make sure our clients have access to the necessary spare parts for their boiler systems.


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